Monday, December 26, 2011


non-event, year-in-review podcast- a track of mine included, with some fine company.


intro: Felix Kubin, "Total 1" TXRF (It's) 2012
1Mark Fell, "Outtake" Manitutshu (Unreleased) 2011
2Katarina Miljkovic and Peter Negraponte, "Gliding" (Unreleased) CD
3Rafael Toral and Chris Corsano, "Live at the Eisenberg Loft, March 3, 2011" (Non-Event/Unreleased)
4Aster, "Secrets and Lies A" (8mm) forthcoming
5Mem 1, "Vela" (Unreleased) 2011
6Patrick Emm, "Oh, Rapture!" May All of Your Dreams Come True (Pinebox) Cassette 2011
7Rick Reed, "Live at the Eisenberg Loft, September 16, 2011" (Non-Event/Unreleased) 2011
8Derek Hoffend, "Cafe Fixe, Part 3" (Unreleased) 2011
9Nigel Wright, "Excerpt from Tiled Cave" (Unreleased) 2011
10Francisco Lopez, "Live at the CUBE, April 25, 2011" (Non-Event/Unreleased)
11Ben Houge, "Self-portrait" (Unreleased) 2011
12Orkestar Bake Ciewariska, "Komitschko_Kolo" (Serbian, c. 1905-8) 78 rpm

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