Tuesday, December 27, 2011


2011, a void year:

no personal high water marks, but rather a durational cocoon,
a tectonic shift towards something better; slow, imperceptible change.
Seemingly painful and mundane in process, but in hindsight, we have evolved, grown,
forged a stronger sense of self and perspective.
All of it was masticated, digested, broken down:
now we are left with nothing but the very essence, something closer to pure.
let's see how we put it all back together again....

tops to me this year: (no particular order)
1. shadow ring- i'm some songs LP (swill radio, 2003)
2. vincent over the sink- dust studies 7" (kye)
3. grouper- A I A (yellow electric)
4. kevin drumm- ghybberish CD-R (recreational panick)
5. bill nace/greg kelley live at o'briens
6. keith fullerton whitman- regaining composure/negating freedom C30 (ekhein)
7. my Work/Death Tshirt
8. rene hell: live at o'briens
9. geoff mullen- live at cafe fixe
10. graham lambkin- amateur doubles (kye)
11. zerfallt- the candles that bled (YDLMIER)
12. reuben son- hours of discarded material
13. blind willie johnson- dark was the night 2xLP (Mississippi)
14. john wiese- seven of wands (pan)
15. xela- exorcism (type)
16. helm-cryptography (kye)
17. john bender- record sluts reissues
18. bee mask- elegy for beach friday (spectrum spools)
19. bill orcutt- a new way to pay old debts/how the thing sings (palalia/mego)

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