Thursday, September 23, 2010

reviews of pinebox 001: mythics

"'s more like a natural pool or pocket between the earth and the air. Too mournful to be meditative, time-stretched grief... Anyone remember “The Neverending Story,” the bluish space-cold energy when the sphinxes turned angry, or when Atreyu got lost in the snow-fogged mirror? That's the closest I can come to relating the sounds and feelings."

"The more I listen to this disc the more I am drawn in. At first it just seemed like background noise but when I snapped out of my comatose of the work day and really let this material sink in, it did so and seemed to offer just a bit of soul cleansing for the day. After listening to Mythics the world seems so much more bitter sweet, like I’m able to fully enjoy those transient moments that can only be appreciated by stepping out of your body and viewing yourself as the ethereal beings we hide inside."

"absolutely gorgeous in it's ability to toss lead blankets on your heart and make you weep gray tears of misery. It's full of wobbling organs, soaring static, and majestic buzz that should be used for a rainy day prehistoric death scene showing Homo erectus baffled by the fact that his best bud isn't waking up. It gets ridiculously grand, ramping up the volume and the distortion until it's a hulking mass of gorgeous sadness. If you played this at my funeral it would fucking tear everybody apart."