Tuesday, December 27, 2011


2011, a void year:

no personal high water marks, but rather a durational cocoon,
a tectonic shift towards something better; slow, imperceptible change.
Seemingly painful and mundane in process, but in hindsight, we have evolved, grown,
forged a stronger sense of self and perspective.
All of it was masticated, digested, broken down:
now we are left with nothing but the very essence, something closer to pure.
let's see how we put it all back together again....

tops to me this year: (no particular order)
1. shadow ring- i'm some songs LP (swill radio, 2003)
2. vincent over the sink- dust studies 7" (kye)
3. grouper- A I A (yellow electric)
4. kevin drumm- ghybberish CD-R (recreational panick)
5. bill nace/greg kelley live at o'briens
6. keith fullerton whitman- regaining composure/negating freedom C30 (ekhein)
7. my Work/Death Tshirt
8. rene hell: live at o'briens
9. geoff mullen- live at cafe fixe
10. graham lambkin- amateur doubles (kye)
11. zerfallt- the candles that bled (YDLMIER)
12. reuben son- hours of discarded material
13. blind willie johnson- dark was the night 2xLP (Mississippi)
14. john wiese- seven of wands (pan)
15. xela- exorcism (type)
16. helm-cryptography (kye)
17. john bender- record sluts reissues
18. bee mask- elegy for beach friday (spectrum spools)
19. bill orcutt- a new way to pay old debts/how the thing sings (palalia/mego)

Monday, December 26, 2011


non-event, year-in-review podcast- a track of mine included, with some fine company.


intro: Felix Kubin, "Total 1" TXRF (It's) 2012
1Mark Fell, "Outtake" Manitutshu (Unreleased) 2011
2Katarina Miljkovic and Peter Negraponte, "Gliding" (Unreleased) CD
3Rafael Toral and Chris Corsano, "Live at the Eisenberg Loft, March 3, 2011" (Non-Event/Unreleased)
4Aster, "Secrets and Lies A" (8mm) forthcoming
5Mem 1, "Vela" (Unreleased) 2011
6Patrick Emm, "Oh, Rapture!" May All of Your Dreams Come True (Pinebox) Cassette 2011
7Rick Reed, "Live at the Eisenberg Loft, September 16, 2011" (Non-Event/Unreleased) 2011
8Derek Hoffend, "Cafe Fixe, Part 3" (Unreleased) 2011
9Nigel Wright, "Excerpt from Tiled Cave" (Unreleased) 2011
10Francisco Lopez, "Live at the CUBE, April 25, 2011" (Non-Event/Unreleased)
11Ben Houge, "Self-portrait" (Unreleased) 2011
12Orkestar Bake Ciewariska, "Komitschko_Kolo" (Serbian, c. 1905-8) 78 rpm

Monday, December 5, 2011

pinebox 003

ophibre/patrick emm
may all of your dreams come true...

here benjamin rossignol offers up one of his most sinister- a base layer heavy zone with a fine web of creeks, pops and chirrups that only his homemade synthesizers can produce- building up until he hits the resonant frequency of bone marrow

side b is a realm of shadow (de)composition for autoharp and 1/4 " tape, the presence you felt in your grandparents' basement when you were a child, that just sat there and watched you- not threatening, but ever-present and aware

edition of 100.
$5 ppd